Samantha TurnEr

Partner, Choreographer

Michael Diminick

Orthopaedic Surgeon, OrthoVirginia

“I am the youngest of 6 boys. In addition to outstanding parents, my greatest assets were my 5 older brothers. They were my role models and challenged me to always strive for excellence. At Duke, I founded a chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters so it’s nice to come full circle to now be participating in DWTS for this organization. Our collective future is linked to the success of our children and supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great way to contribute to that success.”

- Michael

“I feel honored and humbled to participate in this fundraising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Virginia and fully support their mission to provide positive support to children in our area.”  Samantha is partnering with Dr. Michael Diminick, as they travel back in time to the disco days of “Stayin’ Alive.” (This is Samantha’s third year participating)

- Samantha.