Community Based Programs

In the Community-Based program, we match adult volunteers with children in the community.  In this program, the match can go out into the community, participate in activities and can freely plan their match activities to their discretion.  Community-based volunteers are adults 18 or older, and have available transportation. As a community-based “Big,” you are matched one-to-one with a child age 6-14, and you are able to set your own flexible schedule. Enrollment is easy and can be completed within weeks.

Parents, enrollment of your child is easy, however we do have a waiting list for this program. Waiting list times vary and cannot be determined because it depends on the match criteria from both you and the volunteer.

Volunteers are asked to spend at least 8 hours a month with their “Little” which is a couple of hours each week. Your schedule may allow you to spend more time with your “Little” and that is acceptable.  Going to the library, watching movies, working on a school project, cooking or baking together, or going to a sporting event are some of the ways “Bigs” and “Littles can share time together.