Corrin McCloskey

Centra Health

Timothy Rosales


Corrin McCloskey joined Centra in 2014 and is currently responsible for facilitating physician collaboration and strategic planning for Centra’s Heart and Vascular service line. Corrin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies and a Master of Public Health degree from Liberty University. She is active in the parenting ministry at Blue Ridge Community Church and also participates in the Lynchburg Morning Rotary Club and serves on the Board of Directors for Girls on the Run of Central Virginia. Corrin is married to her husband of 8 years, James McCloskey and they have two boys, Will and Max.

I said yes to Lynchburg Dancing with Stars because I whole heartedly believe in the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Virginia and wanted to help bring awareness to the important work they are doing in our community. Mentorship and relationships in general are so powerful. They have the ability to alter the course of a life in a profound way. Ensuring that our children are connected and heard is such a tangible way of building a better future for our region. This event is a fun way to have a small part in that mission. I am honored to be a part of this year’s event and would encourage you to join in supporting this important work by voting for our team! 

Denise Woernle,

VP Communications, Framatome Inc.

Matt Woernle

Network Administrator

Allie Dawson - Choreographer

When Ash was looking for a team to represent Framatome, I agreed to help find someone. And in a moment of insanity, I said Matt and I would do it. And then I had to convince Matt! With just a few ballroom dancing lessons in our past, we are way out of our “box,” but it is worth it for a great cause that has significant impact in our community. We know that the work BBBS does now with children develops the adults who will become productive citizens, community leaders, and our neighbors.

Denise and Matt have been married 27 years and like to spend their free time with friends and traveling, often via cruise ship.

Matt is originally from Maryland and loves seafood, especially steamed and soft-shell crabs.  He makes the best crab-cakes this side of the Chesapeake.  He grew up in a tennis family and loves watching the slams throughout the year. He is also an avid Terrapin, Ravens and Orioles fan. In his spare time he loves playing disc golf, smoking cigars, and drinking bourbon with his friends or enjoying a good cigar - with friends or strangers - at Pap's Cigars in downtown Lynchburg. Matt is a member of Marshall Lodge 39 in Lynchburg and helps out with Meals on Wheels when he can.   

Denise gets a few miles in on the Blackwater Creek trail when she can and you can find her on Farm Basket Hill during the Virginia 10 Miler on Sept. 28. She also likes watching the tennis matches and when it comes to football, the Steelers and Ravens game brings everything in the house to a halt. Denise loves a great bottle of wine and sharing it with friends, preferably outside around a cozy fire. You won’t find any meat, fish or dairy on her plate but please don’t ask her where she gets her protein! She gets plenty! Denise serves on the board for the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance and is proud to be part of the economic development of her hometown.

Both love to read and adore Zuri, their Great Pyrenees who they adopted after he bounced around for a while, and Puff, their cat who adopted them.

Dorothy Carson

Fusion Salon

Jacquie Hodges

Fusion Salon

Hannah Palmore - Choreographer

“We are being apart of Dancing with the Lynchburg Stars because Ash Gorman has been a long-term guest of Fusion Salon and continues to tell us about this amazing program. We love giving back and serving our community, especially to the kids”

Dorothy Carson Dorothy Carson is the owner and founder of Fusion Salon in Lynchburg, Virginia. She has owned the salon for twelve years. Dorothy has a twenty-two yearold son who currently lives in North Dakota. In her free time, Dorothy enjoys attending concerts and discovering new music.

Jacqueline Faye Hodges (Jacquie) is a director and stylist at Fusion Salon specializing in color. Her passion for the beauty industry started at age 12 when she began as a shampoo assistant at her family’s salon, Guy Edward. With 13 years as a duo team with Fusion Salon owner Dorothy Carson, they have been voted one of the top salons in Lynchburg, VA for 10 out of 13 years of operation. This year Jacquie is celebrating her 10th anniversary with husband Jeffrey Hodges. They spend their free time trying to keep up with their two children, Gavin and Chloe, busy sports schedules. She also enjoys yoga and date nights with her husband at all the local restaurants and wineries. Her goal is to make every head of hair in Lynchburg heathy vibrant and beautiful all while bringing attention to local charities such as Big Brother Big Sister, Big Wig (Susan G. Komen breast cancer) and Fusion’s Lynchburg City Back to School Drive.

Hannah Palmore has fifteen years of dance experience. She is currently an employee at the Red Shoes Dance Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia. She is a current sophomore at Liberty University with a major in elementary education.

Melissa & Brandon Schroeder

Good Morning Virginia, ABC 13 News at Noon

Tammy Kanode - ChoreoGrapher

Hey there! We are the DYNAMIC duo ready to rock your world in Lynchburg’s Dancing with the Stars! I’m Melissa Schroeder. You may recognize me from Good Morning Virginia and ABC 13 News at Noon. My husband, Brandon, will be dancing with me. We have been married for eight years and we’re hoping this dance competition doesn’t change that. Ha! (Kidding of course). We decided to do this because Big Brothers Big Sisters is an awesome organization helping out children in our community, and what better cause than our future, right? I also was a “big sister” in the past and saw first-hand the changes this organization makes in the lives of young ones. We would appreciate any votes we can get, we’ll need them!

Monica Martin

Operations Director, Pacific Life
Board Secretary, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg

WILBERT “WilL” Davis

Fifth and Federal

MONICA - I only said yes because of the kids!!! Like others I love to dance, but don’t consider myself a pro at all or even a talented amateur. Bottom line is that we “step” out of our comfort zones to benefit those who need us the most!

My passion has been about kids for years, and as a result I have served on the Boys and Girls Club Board as a founding member. Because many of our BGC Club Kids benefit from the BBBS services, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have fun and generate funds to keep this program strong in the Greater Lynchburg area. I am also thrilled to be partnered with the very talented “Will Dance Davis”! So come out to the show, throw a live stream viewing party or just vote on social media…there are so many ways to get involved. The support you give will be paid back 10 -fold in the lives of our youth, you can make a difference!

WILL - Passion for Community Impact and Outreach: “Beautiful Tomorrow” - assemblies for schools, Tony Camm – Funk All Stars performances, “Dance Lynchburg” – teaching dance for kids to adults, Choreographer, “Central Virginia Fashion Week” - Modeling.

As a native of Maryland, after making Lynchburg my new home, I was blessed to be the winner of the Ellen Show Dance Off Contest for 2019. My passion has always been dance and music, and now I have found many ways to share my talents with others. After the Dance Off win, it has been amazing to see all the kids that have been impacted and how they are so enthusiastic about what I do. I said yes to Dancing with Lynchburg Stars because I care about this community. And as the father of a 10 year old, I understand the importance of good role models.

 Come out to see us or log onto the Facebook live stream and vote for us as your favorite team!

Venus Wilmer

Business Analyst, IT Distribution Solutions, Genworth

Jose Zuniga

New City Dance Space, Danville

Danya Zuniga - Choreographer

I have been happily watching and voting in this event for the last couple years, so I was thrilled when Mike and Julie contacted me to participate for Genworth this year.  Each time Big Brothers and Big Sisters partners a mentor with a child, they are changing the way that young person sees the world and our community.  I believe in the positive impact of mentoring and dance, so I am proud and excited to be a part of this program.

Help me support BBBS programs in Central Virginia with just $10 per vote!!

Chris Jones

President, Lynchburg Hillcats Baseball

Anna Jones


When Chris accepted the job as the Lynchburg Hillcats new President, it meant a move to Lynchburg, VA in January 2016, and we quickly grew to love this area. Our boys, Tanner and Bryce, found friends, and sports activities to engage them. I accepted a position as the Site Manager for the Ways to Work program at HumanKind later that same year. My work with HumanKind has given me a unique insight as to what it can be like for adults in our community who struggle without readily available resources and/or family support. Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization that understands how giving kids guidance and support early on can help them be more confident and successful adults. With the way we were embraced by this community, we could not resist the opportunity to support this great organization. It s only a bonus that Chris and I have the opportunity to earn your support together. Is dancing for an audience outside our comfort zone? Sure! But completely worth it when you consider the benefit that Big Brothers Big Sisters provides to our region. We hope you will tune in to watch on November 23 <x-apple-data-detectors://1> , and show your support by voting!

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Emily Cochenour


Jeremiah Cochenour

Bald Guy & Associates

Known as the “Bald Guy”, Jeremiah has been a top real estate agent for 7 1/2 years and now leads one of Lynchburg’s best real estate teams, Bald Guy & Associates. He has been very blessed in the business and strongly believes in working by referral. Jeremiah has won Gold for Lynchburg Living Magazines Best Of 3 years in a row. Jeremiah has also served on the Board of Directors for the LAR for the past four years.

Jeremiah and Emily were both raised in the area and have been married for seven years but have known each other since middle school. They were High school sweethearts but went their separate ways in college with a seven year gap and then reconnected one Christmas. They now have two girls, a 4-year-old a 14-year-old. They are very involved in their local church and love traveling and going on adventures!

Emily Rose Cochenour is a gifted performer and choreographer skilled in Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, as well as Zumba®, Aerial dance, Improvisation and Flamenco. She is a 2005 Shenandoah University honor graduate with B.F.A. dance performance. Mrs. Cochenour has performed in New York, Chicago, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Washington DC at the Kennedy Center, Baltimore, Las Vegas & New Orleans. She even has worked as a magicians assistant in several different shows. In December of 2011, Emily locally choreographed, directed and performed in the Christmas show at the Academy of Fine Arts titled, Dancing With Strings & Christmas Things; it was a huge success! Emily has now begun a new chapter with being a wife and mother and in her professional life with Real Estate. She hopes that this will be a catalyst for pursuing a potential aerial movement studio and a dance ministry in the future.

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